Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the web design and editing to me.



Design new and engaging websites

This helps for those first coming across your page to be more inclined to learn more about you! Remember, visually appealing work will draw in more people.


video editing

With the use of video editing, your content can be taken to the next level. Whether it’s for instagram, facebook, or youtube you should wow your viewers with a new experience.


social media management

Your audience should connect with you easily, by having this information readily available it will make it easier for them to access and share your work. Staying up to date on posts helps to boost engagement and in turn makes your followers know that you appreciate their support.

the stellar experience

Scroll through and click on the pictures below to see a collection of client websites and video intros



⭑custom design
⭑custom e-mail
⭑domain name
⭑mobile ready
⭑custom forms
⭑SSL security
⭑hosting + maintenance

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video editing

$150 - $200
⭑custom intro clips
⭑social media promo clips
uploading on platforms

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social media

$350 - $425
⭑weekly uploading schedule
⭑photo editing
caption creation
⭑creation of social accounts (if needed)
⭑cohesive social branding

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experience the stellar way